Friday, December 8, 2017

Progress report and finished up some Imperial Romans

So I've worked a little more on the Imperial Romans and these are basically done with Oil paints, a few enamels and some acrylic paints.  I've also done a video if you wish to see a little more on what I've accomplished.  Go here if interested: Progress Report

The basic colors have been applied in the above photos.

Glazes have been applied in several layers and the Wolf's pelts have been painted with acrylics. 

The finished leader. 

I am really liking the process of painting with oil paints. I find them easier to work with and a little more forgiving if you make a mistake.

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Guns of Liberty AWI battle

I ran a AWI game using the rules Guns of Liberty by Eric Burgess. This has been my groups go to set of rules for AWI for several years and I've run them at our local Enfilade convention in Olympia, WA.  This past Saturday I ran a game at our local 1 day convention called Ambuscade. It is held at Guardian Games in downtown Portland.
I had 5 players for the game, 2 Continental commanders and 3 British. Each side had 4 brigades each of various sizes. I setup the scenario with the Continentals holding the large field in the center of the board with their militia off to their left and a reserve brigade behind the large field. 
The scenario setup was this. The Continental general knew the British was in the area but had conflicting reports about their composition and true whereabouts. They knew there was at least 2 British brigades coming straight at them but didn't know where the other 2 were going to come from once the  battle started. I also told them by turn 6 they had to start to retreat if they felt like they would loose their army.
The British were told that the Continental army was around the large field and that they had some militia holding a section of the line.  The British were instructed to take 2 brigades and hold them off board and by turn 4 they could bring them on one of the short sides of the table. They chose the Continental left.

The battle started with the British moving up the center and on their left to match the militia.  The Continentals held their ground and the reserves were left out of reach waiting to be deployed. 
Both sides traded shots causing few casualties and by turn 4 the British had moved up to charge range and then the flank columns came on marching through the woods on the Continental left.
The reserve unit marched out to meet this new threat and formed a line that anchored the large field and stretched into the woods.  The British units closed with blood lust boiling up! Melees broke out all along the Continental front with them falling back in disorder but still able to maintain a defense in depth.
By this time Turn 6 rolled around and I reminded the two Continental commanders of their need to save the army if they thought it was necessary. They did!
In the most orderly withdrawal I've ever witnessed in a war game, the Continentals by turn 8 were able to remove 50% of their force from the table and kept a nice gap between them and the closing British.  The British called the game saying they couldn't catch up to the fleeing army.
I called the game a minor victory to the Continentals since neither side really inflicted heavy damage on the other but they were able to save themselves in the end.
Overall everyone enjoyed the game and from the start everyone was engaged from the start. Below are pictures from the game. Unfortunately, the lighting in our area of the room was rather poor so some of the photos didn't turn out well.

Ambuscade: Portland's 1 day Gaming Convention

So today was the 2nd annual Ambuscade Gaming Convention here in Portland, Or.  It was held at the Guardian Games store in downtown Portland.  The convention was well attended for the 2 gaming periods with 12 games total and about 30 to 35 attendees.  I ran a Guns of Liberty AWI game during the first period.  I will post pictures of that and a AAR in another post. I was able to take a few pictures of the games being played today.
We all had a great day of gaming. We are already planning for next year!

Alyssa ran a Roman vs. Barbarian game using Hail Caesar!

Dave (back corner) ran a Rapid Fire WWII game.

Hugh ran a fabulous looking game of "In Her Majesties Name"

Peter ran a Napoleonic game using Black Powder

This was my AWI game using Guns of Liberty

The second period had great games as well.
Spencer (the convention organizer) ran a Crimean War battle using Black Powder

This was a Post Apocalyptic game. This was a home brew set of rules.

This was a 20mm WWII Tarawa game. It was beautiful. The Marines pulled it out in the end but it was close.

The burning smoke is actually lit from the inside and flickers.

This was a Musket and Tomahawk game run by Henry.
Kevin ran a 30 years War battle using Black Powder.

Jesse ran a To the Strongest game which I think was Greeks vs. Romans.